Exposing the Cracks: Questioning the Competence of FCSA’s Compliance Checks

Contractor Voice has dedicated itself to exposing malpractice in the umbrella industry, recently publishing several online posts revealing the non-compliance of the FCSA’s mandatory Code of Compliance by well-known FCSA umbrellas. This raises serious concerns about the effectiveness and thoroughness of the FCSA’s annual compliance checks. If the basic standards of the mandatory codes are […]

FCSA’s Liquid Friday’s Huge Hidden Profits- Are They Legal?

Following Contractor Voices recently exposing that Orange Genie has been systematically skimming from contractors’ salaries for years, we have been inundated with contractors submitting their payslips for auditing and raising concerns over umbrella payroll compliance. As well as hundreds of new payslips and concerns over Orange Genie to add to our bulging evidence file to […]

FCSA’s Orange Genie Proven to be Salary Skimming

Contractor Voice announces that Orange Genie, an FCSA member for over 10 years, has been unlawfully and systematically taking money from contractors, week in, week out for many years. The evidence collected by Contractor Voice is so clear cut, demonstrating the intention of Orange Genie to skim from the salaries of its contractors, that we […]

Is an FCSA Independent Assessment Actually Independent? Contractor Voice Hears from Whistle-blowers on the Inside…

At contractorvoice.org, we are no stranger to calling out the FCSA and its members on questionable conduct and malpractice. We now reveal the shocking outcome of an investigation that undermines the entire compliance standard upon which the FCSA markets itself as the gold standard for the temporary workforce sector. With no statutory basis, or regulatory […]

FCSA members in uproar over the organisations U-Turn decision following legal letters from FCSA member, Advance

FCSA members in uproar over the organisations U-Turn decision following legal letters from FCSA member, Advance

Will the FCSA survive the infighting between its members and threats of legal action by its member? An article published by ContractorUK on Monday 4th July alleged that an umbrella company (a member of the FCSA) threatened legal action against the FCSA in objection to the decisive and what would have been laudable and deliberate […]

Umbrella Company IPS issued with an SRN by HMRC

Does anyone know what checks Professional Passport and APSCo does to prevent tax avoidance umbrellas from being accredited by them? I ask as IPS Umbrella, currently accredited by Professional Passport and APSCo, is owned, and operated by the same people that own and operate IPS Progression Ltd, which has been issued with a DOTAS SRN, […]

Holiday Pay Claims Are Coming

Umbrellas & Agencies are in the crosshairs – Get ready for big pay-outs. Those that follow Contractor Voice will be aware that we have been working on a legal route that will give Contractors’ access to justice to recover unlawfully withheld Holiday Pay. The time for claims against Umbrellas and Agencies for their historical Holiday […]

FCSA Member Giant Umbrella – Pocketing Holiday Pay and what happened to Gap Pay?

Contractor Voice only exposes wrongdoing when it has the evidence to justify it. Now it has the corroborated evidence of several former employees of yet another FCSA umbrella, Giant, to reveal that Giant had in place systems, procedures, policies, and training explicitly designed to withhold pay from contractors that they were lawfully entitled to, with […]


As always, Contractor Voice only discloses what can be factually proven. Now it proves that JSA’s comments in its official quoted statement, published by ContractorUK 21st March 2022, about the allegations made by Contractor Voice of it unlawfully withholding Holiday Pay are incorrect.  In the statement, JSA said “We refute any suggestion of wrongdoing and, […]

NHS Workers – Forced into risks of being victims of cyber-crime

Contractor Voice was formed to campaign for improved legal rights for all UK temporary contractors but, when it comes to those that work for the NHS its founder, Jacob Bellas, is particularly passionate as he has worked within the NHS for 13 years, with 10 of those as a contractor. With many close friends and […]