Bringing Contractors Together

We have strength in numbers so contractors’ voices can no longer be silenced or ignored.

Our Mission

Brought to you by Jacob Bellas who has been involved in contracting for many years and has financially suffered due to malpractice in the temporary workforce sector. The contractor workforce is fundamental to our economy, but with no unions or centralised body, contractors can often find themselves isolated and unsupported in deciphering the correct information and identifying misinformation.

The fundamental aim of this site and our mission is to bring together contractors so that our many voices can be united and heard in unison so that those taking unlawful, unfair, unethical and unscrupulous advantage of  contractors can be taken to task by a collective voice.

Strength In Numbers

We have strength in numbers so contractors’ voices can no longer be silenced or ignored. 

Our anger and outrage over the pocketing of Holiday Pay and brazen hypocrisy by FCSA umbrellas, with no action being taken, were the final straws resulting in the start of an aggregate mission to protect unwary contractors, empower them with knowledge of their legal rights and force out of the sector the businesses and individuals that prey on contractors, amassing vast wealth whilst doing so, all at the expense of the frontline worker.

The time for a unified and committed voice for contractors has arrived!

My Story

My name is Jacob Bellas, a contractor, I worked in the NHS for over four years. Throughout this time I could see the increasing pressure that the NHS was under, having to undertake extra shifts and covering on-calls that couldn’t be filled. I got into contracting as I wanted to move around various hospitals and gain more experience and knowledge on how each hospital operates. I also wanted to experience working in other specialities provided in other Trusts, not available in the hospital I was working at the time.

Whilst becoming a contractor gave me the freedom to fill vacancies in any hospital in the UK…..

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My Journey