Holiday Pay

The time for a unified and committed voice for contractors has arrived!

Upon successfully submitting this form to us, your details will be added to our Holiday Pay Campaign. You agree that the details provided (excluding your personal contact details) can be used for the purpose of promoting and publicising the campaign to achieve redress for contractors that were not paid Holiday Pay to which they were entitled.

By providing the information requested below, you are voluntarily confirming that you believe you were not paid Holiday Pay to which you were entitled by an umbrella company that you are or have been employed by. Being involved in our campaign does not prevent you from personally or via lawyers of your choice making a legal claim for unpaid Holiday Pay. If you intend to make a legal claim, you must act quickly as strict time limits apply.  Based on the information you provide we cannot guarantee or give any assurance or advice that any claim will be successful. An actual claim must be made for its full merits to be known and considered.

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